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Drodzy uczestnicy, widzowie, przyjaciele. Dziękujemy Wam za dziewięć wspólnych lat Przetworów! Głęboko wierzymy w to, że udało nam się wspólnie stworzyć wyjątkowy projekt, który rzucał trochę inne światło na projektowanie i temat świadomego życia w mieście. Mamy też nadzieje, że dodaliśmy trochę koloru grudniowej Warszawie i będziecie nas ciepło wspominać. Pozostańmy w kontakcie! Monika Brzywczy, Anna Czarnota, Marta Wójcicka

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Peace Table

For the last eight years, Przetwory have been organized as creative workshops. Young artists have since then recycled loads of waste and trash into new designer objects. Each year a different leading theme was invented to inspire artists’ efforts. We found out how to survive on the brink of a global crisis, explored the notion of a socially involved design, built bridges between generations and designed recycling objects for kids. We have always perceived our initiative as an opportunity to nurture a close relationship between an artist and the audience. Great, creative fun has always been important, but so was the context of every artistic venture and the link between what we do and our surroundings.

This year’s edition of Przetwory may prove to be an artistic challenge. A TABLE is both a leading theme and the only material available at workshops and in the warehouse. One of the key pieces of everyday furniture, a table provides space for negotiations, exchange of opinions, creative acts, peaceful solutions and final goodbyes. It also evokes associations of a family home, friends and good food. Any creative activities revolving around the table and interpretations of its role are welcome at this year’s workshops, including quality time spent with others at a table, design, interaction with the audience and critical thought. We hope that together we can transform ordinary tables into truly versatile objects.

Let us sit together at the same table, recap last years and say goodbye to Przetwory in its original form. In 2015, we hope to surprise you with entirely new ideas.

We invite you to visit 7-6 December, 2014
ul. Mińska 25
03-808 Warszawa

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Opening hours

Recycling artists and exhibitors will take over the space at Przetwory on Friday, 5 December from 12 pm to 6 pm. They can immediately collect tables from the warehouse and start working on their projects [...]