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Drodzy uczestnicy, widzowie, przyjaciele. Dziękujemy Wam za dziewięć wspólnych lat Przetworów! Głęboko wierzymy w to, że udało nam się wspólnie stworzyć wyjątkowy projekt, który rzucał trochę inne światło na projektowanie i temat świadomego życia w mieście. Mamy też nadzieje, że dodaliśmy trochę koloru grudniowej Warszawie i będziecie nas ciepło wspominać. Pozostańmy w kontakcie! Monika Brzywczy, Anna Czarnota, Marta Wójcicka

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Przetwory is an initiative launched in 2006 by Monika Brzywczy, Ania Czarnota and Marta Wójcicka within the Praga Project by Stowarzyszenie Artanimacje- a series of events aiming to revitalize Polish Optical Works located at 316/320 Grochowska Street.
Przetwory it?s a simple idea. We collect waste, old furniture and recycled materials. We then hand them over to invited artists who convert these items into new objects of art and utility during a 2-3- day long live event with audience.
On the spot, the objects are available on display or can be purchased directly from the artists. The festival is organised each year around a given theme, which inspires the artists to combine design and recycling in new, unexpected ways. 100 professionals, and so called handmade artists and designers, they all participate on equal terms.Last year, for the first time guests from abroad, such as a Dutch collective Refunk, French group 5.5, El Ultimo Grito from UK, Basurama from Spain, Tom Price from UK attended the festival. They worked together with Polish artists, led workshops and presented their artistic achievements. Each year Przetwory has about 3000 visitors from all over Poland.

Eco-friendly design bound with recycling methods is nowadays strong tendency in global product making. It is hard to avoid questions of shrinking natural resources, raising consumerism and programmed insolidity of contemporary products when being in a position of a designer or product manager today. We live in a circle of buying, using, collecting, disposing and sharing of consumer products. The XXI ? century man is virtually sinking in the amount of produced, collected and used objects. We are rarely aware of a process that every product has to go through before getting into our hands. Terms ?recycling? and ?sustainability? made their way through global consciousness becoming a trend and a real motivation for reaching viable solutions in many fields of life. This process can be summed up with a question: how to survive? After nine-year struggle related to organizing RECYLES event we can easily position ourselves on the radical other end of the rainbow towards mass production. We are promoting totally different approach to the product by supporting D.I.Y. idea and by endorsing unique design solutions.


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Opening hours

Recycling artists and exhibitors will take over the space at Przetwory on Friday, 5 December from 12 pm to 6 pm. They can immediately collect tables from the warehouse and start working on their projects [...]