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Drodzy uczestnicy, widzowie, przyjaciele. Dziękujemy Wam za dziewięć wspólnych lat Przetworów! Głęboko wierzymy w to, że udało nam się wspólnie stworzyć wyjątkowy projekt, który rzucał trochę inne światło na projektowanie i temat świadomego życia w mieście. Mamy też nadzieje, że dodaliśmy trochę koloru grudniowej Warszawie i będziecie nas ciepło wspominać. Pozostańmy w kontakcie! Monika Brzywczy, Anna Czarnota, Marta Wójcicka

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Przetwory 6 – 2011, Soho Factory

Theme: What can DESIGN do for You? 

Design “a constantly redefined compromise between requirements of usability and functionality in an everyday life and expensive exclusiveness and snobbery. We want to surround ourselves with unique, well designed and beautiful things. The role of design is to satisfy this need. But during second wave of crisis and in the midst of media frenzy, constantly fed with apocalyptic images of global economic decline, we do not feel comfortable spending lots of money on designer products. We expect contemporary design to offer more than just meaningless glamour, glitz and splendour. We want something more than evergreens of design. Apart from incorporating the idea of recycling, the contemporary design should be more involved in the worldwide issues and our personal problems. It should not only be able to address global poverty issues, environmental pollution or global warming, but also engage in our individual problems, needs and expectations. What are they? We invite everybody to share them on a special wall on our website We will pass all comments and suggestions to our designers who will use them as an inspiration during the 6th edition of PRZETWORY. The challenge they will face this year is a SOCIAL FUNCTION OF DESIGN. We would like their work to respond directly to the needs specified by the audience and guests of our festival. Key words: action- reaction, intimacy, utility and motion.

Jury?s verdict

On 11 December 2011 the jury of PRZETWORY 6 composed of: Czesława Frejlich (editor-in-chief of ?2+3 D? quarterly), Grzegorz Niwiński (member of Towarzystwo Projektowe and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw),  Józef Mrozek (historian of design, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), Tomek Rygalik (designer), Agata Nowotny (design anthropologist and sociologist), Cristina Perillo (cultural, design- related projects manager) and organizers of the project: Monika Brzywczy, Ania Czarnota and Marta Wójcicka awarded the first prize, i.e. the title of PRZETWÓR ROKU to:

Aleksandra Siłuch and Michał Wiak for a STRIKER?S SHELTER, made during the event of bamboo sticks and metal wire turned into a support frame for a suspended cocoon/ sleeping bag made of banner ads. The upper part of the construction features some room for banners. The Jury highly scored a successful interpretation of this year?s social theme of Przetwory, topicality of work and a well thought- out construction, ensuring both stability and mobility of the piece (lightness, possibility to assemble and disassemble all components). Soho Factory- funded award includes the flight tickets to Milan so that the winners can take part in the International Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile) in 2012.


Jan Lutyk and Stanisław Czarnocki came second with their design of a sofa made of balloons. Plastic pallet found in Przetwory warehouse was split into two parts and its holes were filled with triple inflated balloons making up for a sofa?s seat and backrest. The construction was esthetically pleasing, comfortable and bouncy.  ?The air has become a working material for designers?, the jury members praised the design. Apart from in- kind prize, the winners were also offered the opportunity to launch production of their piece of furniture, courtesy of Paged Meble.


Third place ex equo: Maja Szczypek, Ania Łyszcz, Magda Rychard for Mam Airbag (I?ve got an Airbag) bags, made of a very resilient material which has not yet been recycled, i.e. airbags. The winners were awarded a set of four Maple chairs by Iker and Bosch drills;

and Kasia Kempa and Tomasz Korzewski for a Barrel Organ made of a gas cylinder and wood. First such design in the history of Przetwory, it was addressed at kids and enthusiastically tested by them during the event. Simple in form, esthetic and functional instrument plays rhythmical ?melodies?. The winners were awarded two chairs by Dow, funded by Vitra Polska and a multifunctional Dremel tool.


Maja Szczypek Ania Łyszcz and Magda Rychard received a special DOMO+ award for their Mam Airbag bags.


Nominations and distinctions for:

Spatial Separator by Beza Projekt Studio (Ania Łoskiewicz + Zosia Strumiłło-Sukiennik). Metal cubicles are meant to isolate and modify ugly and esthetically jarring components of space. A conceptual design is both sophisticated and full of sense of humor.

Jacket made of welded foil bags by Agnieszka Jaśkiewicz. Jury appreciated the esthetic value of the design and a good input/ output ratio.

A set of furniture ?Fluid Floorboards? by Tabanda design group. Members of the jury rated highly a pioneering and esthetically pleasing method of floorboards recycling.

?Tojlla?- an outfit made of toilet paper by Monika Makowska. Jury members were appreciative of a uniquely esthetic and refined form of an object made of a most common material (toilet paper) ? a quintessence of upcycling.

Spoonflowers table lamp made of disposable spoons by EjTU group: Bogumił Zawada and Katarzyna Gołaszewska. Jury members admired a beautiful and unassuming gesture of throwing plastic disposable spoons into a glass.

Concrete mugs by Prakseda Yerka and Joanna Niedzielko. Jury members welcomed an ingenious idea of a mug made during the event of used, disposable plastic cups collected from the visitors.

Lamps by Tomasz Pokropski. Jury members highly rated a creative and innovative use of postindustrial waste from an injection press. 


Exhibition of awarded works will be held between January and March 2012. Location will be known soon. The exhibition will be an opportunity to see again the designs awarded at Przetwory 6.


Write about your problem…


There is an espresso maker in almost every office. In each, at least 200 g of coffee beans are beaing grinded daily, in a period of a year the amount of grounds produced by it is tremendous. Please think over how to use it! Gracias! (Ula S.)

Something that would turn crisis into a joke and make me laugh with it … (Tola)

Maybe someone could invent a way to avoid sweaters from rubbing and pilling from wearing shoulder bags and rucksacks? (Wanda)

some fantastic and higienic wall storage system for newspapers in the loo! (k.)

normally read in bathtub. Even though, it’s a tremendous pleasure, it brings lots of complications: books get wet, fall into water,  wet fingers destroy the paper… Please design a device, that would enable reading in bathtub. It is very much needed! (Monika P.)

Forget-me-not for flowers – a system for people who forget to water their plants. (Józek)

Designer fly cather. (Marta)



Poster 2011: pobierz

Press information 2011: pobierz


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Opening hours

Recycling artists and exhibitors will take over the space at Przetwory on Friday, 5 December from 12 pm to 6 pm. They can immediately collect tables from the warehouse and start working on their projects [...]